INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS with new background (‘maxi topshot’)

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INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS with new background (‘maxi’ topshot)

The following price information and services always apply per person and with one outfit

What is a topshot?
topshot is a portrait processed in Photoshop.
Three different topshot retouches are available: mini, midi and maxi.
The price varies according to the complexity of the retouch.

The precise differences between mini, midi and maxi are explained here in detail using illustrative before-and-after examples:

With corporate photos, our clientele increasingly banks on the studio-shoot option with a ‘maxi’ topshot as an alternative to shoots on location!

What is a ‘maxi’ topshot?
What are the advantages of a ‘maxi’ topshot when you choose corporate photos?

Gone are the days when corporate photos, which depict the genuine environment, have to be taken on location. We have turned the tables: employees are photographed in our studio against a neutral background, after which we digitally insert another background. This could be your office space or any other backdrop with a business-ambience. Modern building facades or colour gradients are also very popular.
Digital technology comes with several significant advantages: the workload is considerably reduced and the expenses are lower than costly photos on location. What’s more, background images can also be switched afterwards…
The different possible motifs are almost endless! A motif with an atmospheric background also creates significant added value.

The Studiolounge has a set with striking backgrounds to meet every need. You can find example photos in our portfolio. We are happy to send you the whole set on request.
You’re also welcome to supply us with a motif from your company or from an image database. Any images you supply may be subject to post-processing. This service is not included!

You can find a wide range of example photos in our portfolio. Did you know that almost all of these portraits were taken in the studio?

Sample pricing:
CV & Business 1,
from CHF 169.00 per person including 1 ‘maxi’ topshot.

Any questions must be cleared up at the start of a collaboration: which background could match the clothing?
Which lighting is suitable? How large should the picture detail be? Do the new photos have to match previously taken pictures? Is there a budget?

Pilot shoot/Fine-tuning
If this is the first time that photos are being taken for your company, we recommend that you book a kind of non-binding ‘pilot shoot’ with us. It is usually possible to ascertain which is the best option, has the most impressive effect and falls within the budget for your specific case just by looking at the test photos.
Click here for standard corporate photos without new background!

Photos with multiple people / Staged photography
Photos with multiple people together in one image are invoiced according to the actual time spent on the shoot. If you need tailor-made photos with a very specific situation or scene (consultation interview, briefing etc.), click here!

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