Staged Corporate Photos in the Studio

Scenes & situations with 1-5 people in the studio

The age of stiff group photos is over!
An increasing number of staged photos are being requested for professional websites and social media. People with (close) customer contact are particularly fond of image motifs that depict typical workday situations; even photos ‘recreated’ in the studio should come across as lively and realistic.

This offer includes
- creative and representative photos from a range of visual perspectives
- sitting or standing
- different outfits, e.g. with or without tie/blazer/jacket, etc.
- with or without props
- dynamic lighting
- photos of individuals and/or small teams, depending on the area of responsibility

Examples of typical scenes and situations:
- meeting/briefing
- in dialogue; coaching/consultation
- team meeting with a laptop
- phone call, etc.

The Studiolounge toolbox also contains a few photogenic props, which can be used in a range of situations...

In short: there are no limits to creativity!

The benefit for you: representative selection of wide-ranging image motifs, which can also be used on your website or social media in the long term and switched as often as you wish.

This service is calculated according to actual time spent.
See also ‘The small print’ below.

Staged/Creative photography in the studio from 250.00/h

The SMALL print
If the shoots are calculated on an hourly basis, the following applies:
The number of people involved is not relevant to the calculation according to time spent.
However, the maximum number of participants in limited by the size of the studio!
As a rule, you receive all raw image data from the shoot in HD-quality.

Once the services rendered have been settled, you have access to all image rights.
Retouches are not included!
You are under no obligation to have the images edited by Studiolounge.
If you would like Studiolounge to edit the image material, you can individually determine the level of retouch in every topshot: mini, midi or maxi.
If several people appear in one photo that needs to be retouched, e.g. in team photos, the relevant number of mini or midi retouches will be charged.
You will only be charged once per image to insert a new background image (‘maxi’ topshot)!
Handling of the image material, e.g. preselection, numbering & transfer of all photos onto digital storage media, etc., is also charged separately.

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  • 250.-


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