Standard Corporate Portraits in the Studiolounge

the following price information and services are to be understood per person and with one outfit

Studiolounge has now established itself as the leading portrait studio in the Zurich area. We photograph current and newly recruited employees from a wide range of national and international companies in the Zurich region.

Why take photos in the studio and not on location at the company?
Even if your employees have to come to the studio especially, the expenses are generally lower than taking photos on location.
The studio method can be a cost-effective alternative to taking photos on location!

You select a fixed-price package for your employees, including retouching and a scope of services that is precisely defined in advance. Several packages are available for individual portraits covering a range of offers.

The ‘BASIC’ and ‘CV & Business 1’ shoots are the most popular choice for individual portraits and/or headshots:

BASIC shoot, from just CHF 79.00 per person
With this short, compact shoot (duration: 15 min.), employees select their topshot straight from the camera display after the shoot.

The Basic shoot takes 15 minutes per person; that’s why employees often come in groups of two or three. This makes it possible to photograph a larger team in a short space of time.

It is also possible to arrange individual appointments.

The BASIC shoot is one of the most attractive offers in the Zurich area in terms of value-for-money. It is mainly booked by companies with high personnel fluctuation. This extremely fair fixed-price tariff is therefore non-negotiable.

Planning to book BASIC for Corporate Shootings?
Remember that this low-cost Mini-Shooting is submitted to certain conditions. Please doublecheck if range of service really matches your demands BEFORE scheduling an appointment!
You can find a detailed description of the BASIC shoot here.
Please get in touch if you plan to book this shooting for your company before scheduling appointments.

CV & Business 1, from CHF 119.00 per person

With this 30-min shoot, the topshot is carefully selected on-screen according to professional criteria.
CV & Business 1 is the most commonly booked shoot at the Studiolounge.
Optional added services, such as pixel-precise image modifications for websites or social media, are offered on goodwill. You can find a detailed description of this shoot here.

These two shoots each contain a "topshot", i.e. a portrait processed in Photoshop.

We offer three different topshot retouches: mini, midi and maxi. The price varies according to the complexity of the retouch. The basic price is always inclusive of the ‘mini’ retouch.
The precise differences between mini, midi and maxi are explained here in detail using illustrative before-and-after examples:

Any questions must be cleared up at the start of a collaboration: which background could match the clothing (e.g. white doctor’s coat)? Which lighting is suitable? How large should the picture detail be? Do the new photos have to match previously taken pictures? Is there a budget?

Pilot shoot/Fine-tuning
If this is the first time that photos are being taken for your company, we recommend that you book a kind of non-binding ‘pilot shoot’ with us. It is usually possible to ascertain which is the best option, has the most impressive effect and falls within the budget for your specific case just by looking at the test photos.
We are happy to advise you. Please contact us!

Photos with multiple people / Staged photography
Photos with multiple people together in one image are invoiced according to the actual time spent on the shoot. If you need tailor-made photos with a very specific situation or scene (consultation interview, briefing etc.), click here!

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Corporate Photos

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Staged Corporate Photos in the Studio

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