Good to know - A short Overview

This page contains an overview about the following topics:

- How does the Studiolounge Time Management work?
- "Topshots" and "Outfits": explanations
- Would you like to change or booking, e.g. by upgrading?
- Studiolounge backdrops

  Discover the Studiolounge Time Management:

Our slots are exactly timed and your turn will usually come immediately.

There is no reception desk and no waiting room.
No waiting room = no waiting times!

How does that work exactly? What does it mean for you?

Please do not arrive earlier or later than agreed.
This will ensure all our appointments run smoothly - including yours as well!
Little effort, great results - thank you! 😊

Should you want to arrive sooner, please contact us beforehand.

Running Late? Please advise asap: 044 382 26 60 or!

Appointment at 9 am? We open at 9 am precisely. Prior access is not possible.

Upgrades / Change Booking
Did you book the "wrong" shooting, or do you wish to upgrade? In case you wish to exchange your shooting, or consider an upgrade, please advise asap as this affects the subsequent appointments.

A shooting cannot be divided into two sessions.
No refund in case the time booked has not fully been used.

Postponement or Cancellation:
Please click here for detailled information about these topics!

What's the difference between "1 Outfit" and "2 Outfits"?

1 single outfit = no change of outfits possible.
If you wish to change your suit, tie, shirt or hairstyle etc. we recommend a shooting offering more outfits, e.g. Lounge Package 30 or Lounge Package 45.
Currently highly requested is our shooting CV & Business 2 including two different outfits and two topshots.

Find here useful information about how to prepare your outfit(s).


Studiolounge offers the following «analogue» backdrops:
Bright white, light grey, dark grey and black. CV & Business 2 allows you to exchange the backdrops; same applies to Lounge Package 30 and 45.
Please click to Visit the Studiolounge to see the differences between these analogue backdrops.

Would you like to have a digital backdrop? This will require a topshot «maxi».
Studiolounge provides a big range of fantastic digital backdrops!
Please visit the Studiolounge gallery for sample photos with digital backdrops.

Corporate: The backdrop for your shooting has been predefined by your company and cannot be adapted individually.

What are Topshots?
What's the difference between mini, midi and maxi?

Topshots are images retouched / processed by Photoshop.
According to the shooting that you have scheduled, one or two topshots are included in your package. (except for Lounge Packages 30 and 45).

We offer three types of retouches: mini, midi and maxi.
Find many before and after samples on our website. Click to the grey box.

Find here a detailled description of our topshots and the wonders of photoshop editing!

Last update: January 2024

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