Check List

Special recommendations for
CV, Headshots,
Corporate and Social Media Photos

The following remarks (for both men and women!) will help you to prepare your photo session in the best possible way.

They are based on our long-time experience in this area.
As a matter of course, these are recommendations without any obligation whatsoever!

Find below the most important points; once you book an appointment, the confirmation mail will lead you to a detailled PDF containing specific content.

Clothing: Colours & Patterns
Usually, on CV photos only the upper body is visible.
However, for body shots, make sure that the top matches with the bottoms color-wise.

Plain is more suitable than patterned
Simple, single-color clothing items are more suitable.
Unless it is totally necessary, please avoid large logos (brands) and busy– for instance, striped or checkered– patterns, but also large flower designs, are not ideal.
Special herringbone could cause a bothersome flicker on certain screens.

Ties are currently having a kind of combeack.
By wearing a tie on the photo you are on the safe side.
The shooting CV & Business 2 allows allows a shooting with and without tie...please advise asap if you wish to upgrade!

Facial Treatment
Avoid moisturizing cremes
as with the studio lamps the skin may get shiny. Matting cremes can prevent that effect.

If your skin gets irritated after shaving or depilation, please shave or depilate at least two to three days before the session, so that the skin has time to soothe.

Please avoid having greasy food right before the photo session.
Dining companions have a knack for spattering at the most inopportune moments....

Treat yourself instead to a professional facial treatment before the photo session. A peeling or a mask can work wonders...
... or have your make-up done right before the photo session. A visit to a beauty institute such as Schminkbar is uncomplicated and relatively cheap, and you can set up an appointment (make-up and/or hair) right before the photo session.
Remember: early reservation highly recommended!

Eyeglass Wearers
Glasses pose a real challenege for the photographer! If available, please bring antireflective glasses, or consider: Is a photo session with an eyeglass frame or without any glasses at all something you could imagine yourself doing?

... and remember that contact lenses would also be an option....

These are recomendations: if everyone knows you only with glasses they should, consequentl, also appear on the photos!

can be a support but can also distract from your photo session:
It happened in the past that companions disturbed the shooting in a way the photographic results were affected considerably.
Please consider very carefully whether you really need the support of a compion during your shooting or not.

Last but not least
A photo shoot is no tea party. Please fill up on your energy reserves for the photo session. You are going to need it...

Brought along the wrong jacket? Forgot your working dress?

If the appointment cannot take place and needs to be cancelled or postponed e.g. because of lacking outfits, the basic costs of the shooting booked will be invoiced.
It is not possible to split a shooting, or finish it some other time or some other day.

Special Remarks for CORPORATE Clients

Please check if there is a dress code to be observed before coming to the studio!
It happens also that within a company some depts are submitted to a dress code, and some not.
If you are free to choose ensure that your outfit matches the ones of your colleagues.

Did you get a new outfit by your company, e.g. a jacket or uniform etc.?
Wear it at home to check it out and to get used to it.

Some companies start insisting on ties again…please check if you have to wear a tie or not before coming to the studio.

Lab Coat
If you have to wear a lab coat don’t forget to bring it along!

Brought along the wrong jacket? Forgot your working dress?
If the shooting needs to be cancelled at very short notice, it will be invoiced to your employer.
See also above, or Booking & Payment

We strongly grecommend to check if there is a dress code to be observed BEFORE coming to the studio, thank you.

Last update: January 2024

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