Check List

These tips will help you prepare for the photo session.
They are recommendations; it is certainly not an obligation…

We appreciate timeliness. However, we would ask you not to arrive sooner than 5 min. before your booked session; our small dressing room is possibly occupied by other customers. Thank you for your understanding! Should you want to arrive sooner in order to get ready, please contact us beforehand.

Arriving late, telephoning, writing/reading text messages during the photo session are a detriment to your booked time!

A photo shoot is no tea party. Please fill up on your energy reserves for the photo session. You are going to need it...

Please avoid having greasy food right before the photo session. Dining companions have a knack for spattering at the most inopportune moments.

If your skin gets irritated after shaving or depilation, please shave or depilate at least two to three days before the session, so that the skin has time to soothe.

Please get ready as best as you can before beforehand (styling, accessories) so that we can use the booked time to take photographs. Bring all the clothes and shoes in which you want to be photographed. Better to have too much than too little.

You have total freedom in choosing a theme. If are thinking of having a special subject, we ask you to please get in touch with us beforehand!
Photo sessions with pets are unfortunately not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Treat yourself to a professional facial treatment before the photo session.

A peeling or a mask can work wonders...

Companions can be a support but can also distract from the photo session.

Special instructions for headshots, business and CV photos

Selfies, automatons and photographs with palm trees and a beach in the background are totally inappropriate for a successful CV! Consider that your photo could be the decisive element when up against equally qualified candidates. Pay careful attention to your outfit and follow the tips that we have put together for you:

Unless it is totally necessary, please avoid large logos (brands) and busy– for instance, striped or checkered– patterns, but also large flower designs, are not ideal.

Special herringbone could cause a bothersome flicker on certain screens. T-shirts with grinning skulls are neither sexy nor photogenic. Simple, single-color clothing items are more suitable.

If you just want to wear a blouse or a shirt, please avoid white clothing, since our background is also white. But if you wear a jacker over a white top, it looks very good. For basic portrait shots, only the top is visible. For body shots, make sure that the top matches with the bottoms color-wise.

Eyeglass wearers: Glasses with no anitreflective glass pose a real challenege for the photographer! If possible, please bring antireflective glasses, or consider: Is a photo session with an eyeglass frame or without any glasses at all something you could imagine yourself doing?

Make-up and Hairstyling: Have your make-up done right before the photo session. A visit to a beauty institute such as Schminkbar is uncomplicated and relatively cheap, and you can set up an appointment right before the photo session. Attention: early reservation highly recommended!

Do you have futher questions? Simply contact us!