Lounge Package 60

Lounge Package 60 takes one hour. This shooting allows between about four different outfits to be photographed. Sometimes even up to 5 or 6 different outfits can be photographed.
One full hour of professional photography at a decent price!

Many people choose this shooting for a mix of headshots, CV or business photos or private portraits. One hour allows you to combine different outfits and to change your hairstyling or to fresh up your make-up.
Compared to the "CV & Application" shootings this package includes all photos of the shooting. Feel free to order as many topshots as you like or no topshots at all! When ordering topshots remember to specify Mini, Midi or Maxi.
How much do additional topshots cost?

The number of outfits specified here is optional. You may wear as many outfits as you like within the time limits.

The Studiolounge is equiped with design stools and a lovely black baroque bench. On request, the light setting and the background may be exchanged during the shooting

If your picture needs a certain predefined format, or if you wish to make photos like some that have caught your attention in the media, please contact us previously.

Once you received the images of the shooting, you will select the topshots and forward us the corresponding numbers.

You may also shorten your shooting and use the remaining time for selecting the topshots supported by the photographer. 

We copy your shooting to your own USB stick (at least 16 GB, USB 3) or any other external harddrive.

Would you like to share your shooting with someone else?
An additional person can fully or partially participate for a supplement of only 90.-. This flat rate applies only to Lounge Packages 30 and 60!

No advance booking necessary! Decide on the spot!

To find a useful check list for a perfect preparation of your shooting click here.

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  • 4


  • ca 500


  • 60

    Duration (min)

  • 229.-


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