Professional Passport Photos Standard or Biometric

By appointment only!

Printed (biometric) colour passport hotos in various passport sizes for visa, Swiss or foreign documents. Ready to take away instantly!
Children must be at least SEVEN years old. Passport Photos of younger children cannot be provided.

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Get new and professional passport photos within minutes only! If required, also according to biometric standards. 
However, you need to fix an appointment in the first place.

Visa Photos
e.g. USA, India, Russia, China etc.

ID & Passport Photos
e.g. UK, Russia,Turkey, USA, Brasil, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, China, India  etc.
Also available: Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain etc.

Cards, Licences, Permits
e.g. driving licence, SwissPass (Swiss Railway), Swiss ID, C-Permit etc.

Please specify country and/or type of document when making an appointment!

No passport photos available for CH, Greece, Finland, Croatia, Pakistan and Malaysa.

How to fix an appointment asap?
Call or email us: 044 382 26 60, or

Call us, if very urgent. If not so urgent, please fill our contact form. We will offer you the available time slots as soon as possible. Please also check your spam filter if you don’t receive any answer from us at all.

There is no reception desk. Even if you wish to have a short-term appointment, you need to make a reservation first!

all standard or biometric
4 identical photos 35x45 mm: 35.00
6 identical photos 35x45 mm: 40.00

2 Shots (2 x 4 identical photos)
2 x 4 photos of one or two persons: 60.00 instead of 70.00

Passport Photos in Special Formats
for foreign passports (USA, India, Canada) or visa: 40.00

USA Visa Photos Package
Two photos 2x2 inches (50x50 mm) plus digital photo: 50.00

The US authorities require two prints plus a digital photo for visa applications. These biometric photos will be printed in 2 x 2 inches (50 x 50 mm) and are ready to take away in a couple of minutes. The corresponding digital photo will be available after 1-2 hours and be e-mailed.

Good to know for US citizens: the US consular agency Zurich is just around the corner!

Biometric passport photos in the most current formats 35 x 45 mm and 50 x 50 (e.g. USA, India etc.) will be cut to their corresponding formats and are ready to take away within a couple of minutes only.
Visa or passport photos with other formats (e.g. Canadian passport photos) will all be printed on a single sheet and cannot or even must not be cut according to government regulations.

Children: we provide biometric passport photos of children. However, they MUST be at least seven years old. Photos of younger children are not available. Thank you for your comprehension.

Biometric passport photos have to meet a lot of severe international standards and should therefore not be used for CVs or corporate purposes at all.  Please select one of our special packages instead.  

By appointment only!

From 35.-

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  • 35.-


Digital Passport Photos

standard or biometric, children from 7 years


Duration (min)5