Options for Corporate Photos

of employees, staff or family members, associations etc.

From a certain number of persons and for on-locatins shootings different rates apply if all the participants can be shot in a batch. With this option, the topshots are not included (see below). 

Photos of Groups & Teams on one photo
With small groups it makes sense to photograph all the participants in the Studioluonge. The size of our studio allows photos of groups and teams of up to 8 persons on one photo.

Important note: Our flat rates for topshots do NOT apply to group shots!

Location Photography
With a larger number of persons it might be easier to build up a studio on location, e.g. in the company building.

Topshots will be charged extra. How much do additional topshots cost?

Are you two persons who need the same style of photos? Please check our discounted offers CV & Business DUO for two participants!


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