Good to know - the small print

Special Terms & Range of Services

What is a 'Topshot'? What does Mini, Midi and Maxi mean?

What does "1 Outfit" mean exactly?

1 single outfit = no change of outfit possible. If you wish to change your suit, tie, shirt or hairstyle etc. we recommend a shooting offering more outfits, e.g. Lounge Package 30 or Lounge Package 60.

Refer to our useful check list for a perfect preparation of your shooting.

Image Delivery:
Please allow at least two working days for topshot delivery. Sat/Sun and holidaysdo not count.
We try very hard to deliver your topshot(s) earlier. In certain cases topshots mini can be delivered earlier. Usually, topshots are delivered with a download link.

Please allow a couple of days or even weeks for processing bigger amounts of topshots depending on the specific requirements!
Thank you for your comprehension.

Additional Options

The Studiolounge flat rates are listed in CHF.

How much do additional Topshots cost?

All our flat rates apply to ONE single person.
An additional person on the picture: + 90.00

Upgrades: an upgrade from one option to another can be arranged during the shooting if no subsequent appointments are scheduled.

If - for whatever reason - you need another appointment, e.g. for supplementary shots, a new assignment is due.
A shooting cannot be divided into two sessions. No refund in case the time booked has not fully been used.

Would you like to purchase all photos of your shooting? For a fee of CHF 30.00 you may purchase all images of your shooting.Transfer smaller amount of photos directly after the shooting to your own USB stick or any other external hard drive.
The files of more comprehensive shootings, e.g. our Lounge Packages are delivered with a download link.

Note: Within the Lounge Packages 30 and 60 ALL images are already included.

Group Shots, Business & Corporate Photos

For shootings with 3 persons or more please click here for detailled information!

Booking & PaymentPlease click here for detailled information!

Dogs are not permitted in our studio. Thank you for your comprehension.

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