The Studiolounge

Portrait of a Portrait Studio

If you want to have a personalized shooting in a relaxed atmosphere the studiolounge with its long-time experience certainly is the right place for you!

What are  "Studiolounge Packages"?
The Studiolounge shootings are customer-oriented and timed shootings.
While booking one of our shootings you define the duration of the session.

Our shootings Lounge Package 30 and 60 offer as many styling/outfit changes as you wish to within the time limits. CV and Business Photo Shootings always include a certain number of outfits. For small budgets we offer the shooting Portrait BASIC.
If it is your first shooting, or if you don't like big camera lenses we recommend you to opt for a shooting with several outfits or a Lounge Package. One hour is perfect to get accustomed to the studio atmosphere and for checking and changind a couple of outfits or hair styles.

The Studiolounge procedure

One you have arrived and made yourself comfortable in our dressing room, the photographer will discuss the details, and check the outfits that you brought with you. You will then proceed to the studio....

At the beginning of the shooting the photographer will briefly jump into the basics; shortly after you will be posing freely in front of my camera - just as if it was daily business for you. He will guide you through the shooting and will sort out what kind of poses suit you best. We strongly recomend you to take more outfits with you than you actually need in order to pick out the most adequate ones. A quick test photo will show whether everything matches or if adjustments are necessary.

Select your topshot(s) after the session together with the photographer. All the CV and Business shootings offer this useful feature. Generally, this professional service is highly appreciated.

Feel free to shorten the shootings in order to spend the remaining time that you book for viewing and carefully selecting your photos together with the photographer.

Our Lounge Packages allow to take pictures for your CV, for a business or even a dating profile - and all this within one single session!

"I am no top model! "

You do not need to be a top model! You will be surprised about how many impressive pictures can be created in a relatively short time. And all this without any pressure and in a completely relaxed atmosphere and nice chillout sound in the background.

Look at the photos in our portfolio: many of the people photographed were in a studio for the first time!
Would you have guessed?

Hundreds of happy customers have been visiting our studio during the past years. Some of them wrote us that they felt comfortable and they recommend us to their friends. Others even think that they got their (dream-)jobs because of the photos that we had shot. Could there be a better way to compliment?

However, we try to meet the changing requirements of our clients the best way possible and to constantly improve our results.

When will you pay visit to the Studiolounge?

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions!