Lounge Package 30

Lounge Package 30 takes 30 minutes. This shooting allows between 2 and 3 outfits. While changing your outfits, the light will be set differently to create another atmosphere.

This shooting enables you to create a perfect mix of headshots, CV and corporate photos and/or pics for the social media.

Compared to our Basic and CV & Business shoots this package includes ALL photos of the shooting in HD-quality!
Once the services rendered have been settled, you have access to all image rights.
Topshots (Retouches) are NOT included!
You are under no obligation to have the images edited by Studiolounge.

How much do topshots cost?

30 minutes allow you to combine different outfits and to change your hairstyling or to refresh your make-up.

The number of outfits specified here is optional. You may wear as many outfits as you like within the time limits.

The Studiolounge is equiped with design stools and a lovely black velvet baroque bench amongst many other fotogenic props. On request, the light setting and the background may be exchanged during the shooting.

If your picture needs a certain predefined format, or if you wish to make photos alike some that you might have noticed in the media, please contact us previously.
Ideally you send us sample photos of already existing photos.

Once you received the images of the shooting, you may select the topshots and forward us the corresponding numbers.
We copy your shooting to your own USB stick (at least 16 GB, USB 3) or any other external harddrive.

To find a useful check list for a perfect preparation of your shooting click here.

Do you need more time? Check our shooting Lounge Package 45 which takes 45 minutes.

Our shoot Corporate Staged offers one hour of creative photography!
From CHF 250.-/h

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  • 2-3


  • ca 300


  • 30

    Duration (min)

  • 159.-


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Lounge Package 45

45 Minutes Shooting


Photosca 450

Duration (min)45