CV & Business DUO

Like CV & Business 1 but for TWO persons

This discounted package is a shooting for two persons who both need the package CV & Business 1. The shooting costs 10.- less per person if both are present at the same time and can be photographed one after the other.
If, e.g., one of them is delayed, the normal price schedule applies.

This shooting allows one headshot, CV or business photo and one outfit per person. It also contains one topshot per person. Carefully select your topshots after the session professionally supported by the photographer.

Select between three differents degrees of retouching:
Mini, Midi & Maxi

2 x CV & Business 1, incl. 2 Topshots mini: 218.- instead of 238.-
2 x CV & Business 1, incl. 2 Topshots midi: 258.- instead of 278.-
2 x CV & Business 1, incl. 2 Topshots maxi: 318.- instead of 338.-

You may specify the exact type of retouch after the shooting. Generally, topshot Midi is recommended.

What do mini, midi and maxi mean exactly? How much do additional topshots cost?

If you wish to wear more than one outfit, we recommend any other shooting for one single person. 

The Studiolounge provides the following standard studio backgrounds: white, black, light grey and dark grey.
The white background is most requested. If you wear a white top, one of the grey backrounds might be the best option. The black background is more dramatic and best option for artistic photography.
These backgrounds are available with Topshot "midi".
A big variety of images are available to be inserted digitally as backdrops. For digital backdrops the option "Topshot maxi" is required.

 For standard portrait shots, only the top is visible. For body shots, make sure that the top matches with the bottoms color-wise.

To find a useful check list for a perfect preparation of your shooting click here.

Please contact us directly if you need reservations for more than two persons at the same time.

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