Best quality for small budgets!

Do you need an affordable professional photo?


Low budget portrait shoot including one headshot or business or CV photo in one outfit.

The Topshot included is selected right after the shooting directly on the camera screen.

Select between two differents degrees of retouching. As a standard, a Mini topshot is included in this package:

Portrait Basic incl. 1 Topshot mini: 79.-
Portrait Basic incl. 1 Topshot midi: 99.-

You may specify the exact type of retouch after the shooting. Generally, topshot Midi is recommended.

What is the difference between mini and midi?
What is a topshot?
How much do additional topshots cost?

Important Notes:
The BASIC shoot is quite short; if you are rather shy in front of a camera lens or a so-called "blinker", CV & Business 1 might be a better opion.
This shooting is one of the most attractive offers in the Zurich area in terms of value-for-money. This extremely fair fixed-price tariff is therefore non-negotiable.
Additional services, such as pixel-precise image modifications for websites or social media, are also available but are charged separately.
If you wish to extend this shooting you will have to upgrade to CV & Business 1.

Outfits & Backgrounds
The Studiolounge provides the following standard studio backgrounds: white, black, light grey and dark grey.
The white background is most requested. If you wear a white top, one of the grey backrounds might be the best option. The black background is more dramatic and best option for artistic photography.
These backgrounds are all available with Topshot "midi".

A big variety of images are available to be inserted digitally as backdrops. For digital backdrops the option "Topshot maxi" is required. However, the option "tophshot maxi" is not available with the low budget shooting BASIC.

For standards portrait shots, only the top is visible. For body shots, make sure that the top matches with the bottoms color-wise.

Please go through our comprehensive check list for a perfect preparation of your shooting!

If you wish to wear more than one outfit, we recommend package CV& Business 2 .

As a rule, the Studiolounge flat rates always apply to one person only. Are you two persons who need the same style of photos? Please check our discounted offer CV & Business DUO for two participants!

Please contact us directly if you need reservations for several persons at the same time.

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  • Selection

  • 20-30


  • 15

    Duration (min)

  • 79.-


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CV & Business 1

1 Outfit, 1 Topshot




Duration (min)ca 25-30


CV & Business 2

2 Outfits, 2 Topshots - Most wanted!



Photosca 150

Duration (min)ca 40


CV & Business DUO

CV & Business 1 for two persons