Additional Topshots

Additional Topshots

Mini: 15.- per image and person
Midi: 40.- per image and person
Maxi: 70.- per image

Additional Topshots can be ordered later and balanced seperately.

Delivery of Topshots:
Usually, Topshots are mailed once they have been retouched. Please allow at least two working days for image delivery. Saturday/Sunday and holidays do not count!

Important notes:
The flat rates mentioned above always apply to ONE single person. If several people appear in one photo that needs to be retouched, e.g. in team photos, the relevant number of mini or midi retouches will be charged.

You will only be charged once per image to insert a new background image (‘maxi’ topshot)!

Your photos will be processed with Photoshop; as a rule, Instagram filters or beauty apps are not applied etc.

External photographic material cannot be processed.

  • 15.-


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